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What is GstarCAD Mechanical?
Covering all fields of mechanical design, GstarCAD Mechanical is professional designing and drawing software specially built for manufacturing. No matter what kind of design task you are facing, GstarCAD Mechanical helps to complete your ideas perfectly.

GstarCAD + Mechanical CAD application tools
GstarCAD Mechanical includes all the functionality of GstarCAD, plus professional tools to help accelerate your mechanical design works.

Full data compatibility with ACM
Fully compatible with ACM, directly open, edit and save ACM drawings.

Intelligent functionality, simple design
More than 100 simple and practical designing and drawing tools, plus standardized and intelligent design environment to cut down repetitive works and make your design simple.

Customizable software configuration
Customize standards, mechanical symbols, dimensions, features, etc. to build own drawing templates, automate common mechanical drawing tasks to fit with your personal working habits.

Applicable Industry
GstarCAD Mechanical serves makers and suppliers of a wide range of manufacturing industries: automobile, electronic and electrical appliances, shipbuilding, aviation and aerospace, equipment, etc, used in daily work by mechanical engineers, mechanical designers, draftsmen, engineering manager, shopfloor workers, quality inspectors, etc.


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